Funny Flight Stories from International Students — 留学生あるある:国際線でのクレイジーな体験


If you have taken multiple international flights before, I am pretty sure that you have at least one funny episode from your flight experiences. Not necessarily such occurrence makes you feel comfortable during your flight, it is always fun to share your crazy travel stories with your friends and families after you come back. Here are some of my favorite stories that happened to my friends:

1. Stuck in Between Babies for 12 Hours
The last time my friend saw her grandmother in Korea was almost two years ago, she said, before she left the campus. A day later, I opened the Facebook and saw her post, which said she was stuck between two babies from different two families, and those babies took turns crying for the entire 12 hours flight. She could not sleep at all. Ever since I read her story, I always try to book the seat on the aisle side when I travel internationally.

2. A Stranger Asked to Marry Him and That Was Not a Prank
When one of my friends was on the plane traveling back to her home country, a stranger guy sat next to her. After they had a normal nice conversation, he proposed marriage to her out of the blue. Even though he had no rings for her, he was dead serious. She thought he was weird and cut out the conversation. After she made her first flight connection, she realized that weird guy was on the same flight again. Then she started worrying what if she and he were going to the same destination… What if he decided to follow her from the airport and find out where she lived. Luckily, it did not happen. When she changed her flight for the last time, she did not see him anymore. She is technically from a loyal family in her country, so I feel like her family would hire an SP if any suspicious person started to stalk her…

3. A Famous Actor Gave You Cash out of His Pocket
This story is too well known among my Hanover people. Last May, a group of the students was waiting for their fight to London at the airport. One of them saw Bill Murray, who played one of the main characters in the movie, Ghost Busters. She walked up and talked to him. She told him that they are going to see theatre productions in the UK. Then he said something like “Watching a play is a good thing.” and gave her 160 dollars in cash out of his pocket. (This is called “Okozukai おこづかい” in Japanese, by the way.) I wonder if that student kindly offered food or drink to her fellow students on the trip… Who knows?

Anyways, you never know what will happen during your long trip to somewhere. Most of the times, as long as you can make it to your final destination, any stories will turn into a laugh!










当時婚約者がいたこともあり、その気の全くない彼女、会話を終わらせましたが、二本目の飛行機の中でも同じ男性を見かけます。「もしも最終目的地の空港まで一緒だったら…? この人に自分の家がバレたらどうしよう」と心配したそうですが、最後の乗り換えをした時には、彼の姿はどこにも見かけなかったので安堵した、とのこと。








Thank you for reading! See you soon.❤️

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