What is Hanover College Like? —ハノーバー大学ってどんなところ?




Hanover College is the place, where I now call my home.

Hanover Locates in southern Indiana, in the USA. If you are not familiar with the geography of the states, Indiana state is colored in red on this map.


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The college was established in 1827 as the first private college in the state, and its total number of the enrollment is 1,133 (at the current point of February 3, 2018). So, it is a fairly small college.


In 2015, Princeton Review ranked HC as the “14th Most Beautiful Campus in the USA.” You can take a virtual campus tour on the college website if you would like.

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What I love about Hanover is the closeness between its students and the faculty. Unless you are in an introductory science course, you will see only around 10 students in each class.

Many of those classes, especially humanities ones, are based on discussions. Because of this small class size, professors remember students’ faces and names, and they always welcome their students to visit their office. Hanover creates a close community within itself.


Coming here, some international students might struggle with academics. First, we do not have any ESL (English as a Second Language) courses at Hanover, which means that you are going to take all of your classes with native speakers from your very first semester here.

You will also be required to read A LOT before every class to prepare for the in class discussions. On top of that, unless it is math or hardcore science course, each course requires you to write at least three or four academic papers per a semester.


Overall, it could be hard for international students, especially the ones who are not familiar with English like me, to do well in the classes–unless you major in something that you are super good at.


I did not grow up speaking much English, so it has been super challenging for me to maintain good GPA here. I remember how painful my first semester of freshman here. I needed to take several classes, which I had never learned prior to the college, to fulfill my general education credits. I got a D in my first Economics’ mid-term exam–and was often crying in the basement of my residence hall in the night because I could never finish nor understand my reading assignments for my Theology class.


Luckily, the closeness between students and Hanover faculty helped me out.

I went to see my professors every week and asked what were the key points discussed in the class. Whenever my professors saw me getting behind, they provided me help and resources.

Many of the professors here count student’s effort toward the grade, which raised my grades at most a half letter, I would assume. My friends, who go to the big universities, say they never experienced this merciful attitude from their professors. Hanover pushes you hard, but if you could push back that pressure as hard as you can, you can always find some help. That is what I think another beauty of Hanover beside its campus.





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スクリーンショット 2018-02-03 午後7.04.39











大学に入るまで触ったことの一切なかった経済や宗教学を履修しなければならなかったこともあり、経済の最初のテストではD(約65%)をとってしまったり、宗教学のリーディング課題が膨大すぎて毎回授業までに終わらなくて、(そもそも読んでも内容がわからない!) 寮で深夜に一人でよく泣いていました。






Thank you for reading! and see you soon.
にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ 海外留学(アメリカ・カナダ)へ


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