Thoughts on the COVID-19 Vaccination

There is so much nonsense happening around the world both globally and locally. I get that. Still, let me speak out my recent thoughts on the global vaccination because I cannot stop myself from thinking about that. The vaccines do not get distributed equally just like wealth.

A week ago, I had a video chat with my old friend back home. She is a medical worker in Japan. She has just recently received her first dose of Pfizer and told me that many medical workers in her region have not yet vaccinated. Media portrait nurses and doctors being vaccinated, but she said that is mainly happening in the nation-funded big hospitals in the hub of Tokyo, but not in a rural area like where she lives, although it is a prefecture right next to Tokyo. The hospital that she works do not treat COVID patients, but still. Many medical workers are living cautiously every day, not only when they are at work, because they absolutely cannot bring any COVID to their workplace, which will lead an horrible outbreak.

I think of my grandmas in Japan. They are both 80+ and I know that they can now resister for the vaccination, but I have not heard anything from them yet. Japanese government has only so far vaccinated 1% of its 1.2 billion population and still wants to have the Olympic Games this summer. According to the Prime Minister, not aged population will receive their doses next year, in 2022.

Everyone knows that Japan, especially in metropolises have a high population density. About 1 out of 3 people in Japan are older than 64. Many conservative companies still require employees to get on a super crowded trains to commute, which is the same for the students. Dear government – please fulfill your obligations to secure the safety of people’s lives. This is more than “concerning.”

I have been feeling so down after that conversation with my friend. This afternoon, I got an text message form the BC government saying that I can now book for my first dose. It will be early next month, on June 5th.

I thought of two podcast episodes from The Big Story that I have recently listened:

For South Asian-Canadians, two pandemics at once” [April 28, 2021]

Your complete vaccine rollout FAQ” [May 13, 2021]

If you currently live in India, Japan, or many other countries, you would not have a chance to even receive a vaccine. In the US and Canada, you are allowed to be picky. I am absolutely grateful and excited for receiving my shot, but you know what? I wish I could give mine to my family members who are much older than me.

My 61 year-old father is a high school teacher. He is a good guy. His school has shut down twice last year due to the outbreak. His students are often tested positive. I simply cannot believe my country for being so-called a developed country. Is it really?

Japan has forced its population to constantly overwork and sacrifice for the greater good. That is how my country with little natural resources brought up its economy to the 3rd largest in the world. It is impossible to overlook the safety and life of your own citizens. Please… Why would you…

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