Summer After College Graduation…

Hello again! I am still alive and well. How do you do everyone? 

While I have not written anything, I have submitted my undergraduate senior thesis about one of my favorite contemporary artists, Wenda Gu. Also… I finally, successfully, graduated from my college! Yay!

So, what is up now? My life after receiving my not-so-cheap Bachelor’s degree in the US.


Last April, I got accepted to an summer internship position in the Asian Art Curatorial Department at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in the Newfields’ complex–which has been truly an amazing experience for me. My friends often ask me, “What does museum curators do??” Here is a quick answer; museum curators acquire artifacts to enrich the museum’s collection, conduce research on the artifacts, and plan the exhibitions using artifacts from, in the aim of telling a certain story to the museum visitors. I learned how to read classic Japanese scrabbly handwritten in paintings. I learned how to hundle hanging schools. I practiced how to write art labels. I do so many different things everyday, which never makes me feel bored from working in this museum.

I am in love with the idea of working as a Curatorial Assistant, which is literally an assistant of curators, part-time workers in the museums. (Please note that 99% of the museum intern positions are unpaid. Most of the art museums are so tight in money, even though they do not seem like it when we look at the clean splashy façade of the museum buildings.) If you want to get a Curatorial job in any country, almost unquestionably, you need a Master’s degree at least. So, here I am. I started looking up Art History graduate programs, once again, the ones in overseas from my home country, Japan.

We will see how the things goes. I gave up application process to the graduate schools last fall. At the time, I was simply not ready both mentally and logistically. But, now I believe that I am much more prepared than the last time I tried. I will start writing more about Japanese Art in this blog because, one; I need to be more knowledgeable in Japanese art history, and two; simply because I think Japanese artworks are so cool and beautiful, and they deserve to be seen and known more.

Please leave a comment if you have any type of artworks or artists from Japan that you favor–please, though, keep the range within Fine Arts. Artists from Pop culture is not the area where my research interest belongs. Thank you for reading!

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16年間学校に通い続ける日々を送ってきて、大学を出たあとの人生がどうなるのか、あまり予想がつかなかったけれどーー、いま、とっても楽しいです。大学を出たら、お金の心配する以外は、うんと楽になるよ。半年前の自分にそう伝えられたらいいのにと思います。Let’s see how it goes!

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