Sometimes, It’s Okay to Be Vulnerable. —弱くてもいいんじゃない?と思ったり。


I have been busy with school for the last couple of weeks. (What a typical excuse, right?) I feel like I am finally back to my daily routine as a U.S. college student.

I finished up my comps (Major Comprehensive Exam, 学部の卒業試験 in Japanese) last weekend, and now I am handling my Art History senior thesis (卒論) and other stuff, which mostly about the life after graduation.


Whenever seniors gather, we often talk how it is getting harder for us to focus on our normal school work. We are trying to figure out our jobs and graduate schools after we leave here. Having no idea what is going to happen is stressful. We keep telling each other, “Everything will be fine.”

If you are being anxious thinking about your future, let yourself feel in that way. It is okay to stressing out. Give your busy brain a short break–play a video game, go on a  walk, do your workout or anything you enjoy doing it. As long as you did not intentionally harm somebody, you are having a great control over yourself.


Many of us struggle with self-acceptance. We never think we are doing well enough. I could not get this internship because I did not do well enough in the interview, or I was not good enough…etc. But, are we really, though?

Whatever you do, there is always somebody who loves you, no matter what. And by thinking about it, I think people can be less critical towards themselves.


People whom I look up to once told me, “A friend whom you will spend the longest time together is yourself. Whenever your best friend is getting upset, I am sure you will let that person to feel vulnerable in front of you.” Can we possibly treat ourselves in the same way? Can we accept ourselves to be vulnerable?


We do not have to always act like a flawless superhero. You do not have to try to be anybody else. There are always people who get your back no matter what.
…I just thought it might be a good reminder for both some of you and me in the middle of this busy week. 🙂
























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