Why Study in the USA?—なぜアメリカの大学に進学したの?

Hanover College, IN


As being an international student, I get this question quite often, no matter which country I visit–“Why did you decide to study in the USA?”
When I get this question, I usually say, “I could not decide what I wanted to study in college.” If you apply to the universities in Japan, you have to decide your major prior to the entrance exams. To be honest, I loved studying any subjects except math and the P.E. in schools, so I really had no idea which subject I wanted to continue studying in college. One thing I was pretty positive about was that I wanted to be in an environment, where I can talk in English on daily basis. In my freshman year of high school, I visited multiple “internationalized” universities in Tokyo, but somehow none of them seemed quite appealing to me.

My mother knew what kind of environment I would love to have in college. She did some research and told me that liberal arts colleges in the USA do not require students to declare their majors until their third year. After she brought me to some study abroad agencies, I fell love with the idea of going to the college in the USA. I admit, I might have idealized the country that I had never been before when I applied to multiple colleges in the USA. However, there is one thing I can tell. In my four years, there was not a single moment when I regretted my decision to come to Hanover. Hanover College has been a special place for me over past three and half years…which I will talk about next time.




Thank you for reading! and see you soon.❤

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