My Final Semester Has Begun!—大学での最終学期が始まりました!

Happy being back to this beautiful campus!

Hello everyone! / こんにちは!(日本語は英語テキストの下にあります。)

I finally came back to my second home, Hanover College, in Indiana after being away for 8 months studying abroad. It has been so nice to reunite with my sorority sisters and my professors… as much as I miss friends I made in Europe, I have really been missing my friends in Hanover since the summer break.

As I told my academic adviser that I am taking a gap year after my graduation in May, he suggested me to apply for summer internships in art museums within the states. I would LOVE that opportunity if I could get one. The earliest deadline for the application was today, and I was so happy when I submitted it… I have at least 6 more applications to submit in next 3 months, which I am pretty excited about. Please wish me luck for getting my internship!

Surprisingly, if you want to get a museum internship in Japan, you have to take special courses in colleges that will give you a certificate to be a curator, which obviously I do not have an access to. Volunteering at museums, maybe as a docent or a workshop staff,  would be the maximum opportunity for me to work in art museums once I go back to Japan. Thus, it would be so beneficial for me to have a working experience in the actual art museum, not in a very small art gallery, which my college owns. Before going into a graduate level, I want to know whether the art curator is actually what I want to do for the rest of my life…We will see!

The best thing about museum intern applications is that… usually, they do not cost any money, not like graduate school applications! 👌









Thank you for reading! and see you soon.❤️

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